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  • 2 bad traits that make him a good partner

    Mar 25, 2012
    If you recognize a guy’s bad habit or trait, yet you’re still drawn to him, don’t be so quick to write him off — you might learn something from it,” says Bethany Marshall, Ph.D., author of Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away. “For example, if he never washes the dishes after dinner, he may not care so much about how his apartment looks — but that might also mean he’s not compulsive and more the type to live in the moment.” Read on to see the bright side of some classically bad dating behavior.

    He’s nerdy

    You barely notice him at a party, but that shy guy who loves to talk about programming could be your future husband. A new study published in the journal, Frontiers in Psychology, says that geeks make the best husbands. “We found that people who fit a nerdy profile — i.e., those who are socially awkward and feel most comfortable with consistent routines — make better long-term partners,” says evolutionary psychologist Marco Del Giudice, Ph.D., Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Turin in Torino, Italy. “These men have a greater desire to settle down into family life and are more likely to be faithful because they lack the charm and social skills to attract another partner and lie about an indiscretion.” So if you’re looking for long-lasting love, bypass the bars and hit up a bookstore instead.

    He’s got an “average” job

    So your guy’s not CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a budding Mark Zuckerberg. That’s actually good news! Men with medium-status jobs are considered to be more desirable than high rollers, according to research conducted by the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. In this study, researchers showed a group of women a series of photos of men and asked them to rate them as potential husbands. When the women didn’t know the men’s occupations, they rated the handsomest men as the best potential partners. But when the women found out what the men did for a living, they ranked the men with lower-status jobs to be more attractive than their high-flying counterparts — regardless of their looks. “It’s possible that men with money and power have more romantic and sexual opportunities than those with more ‘average’ jobs, so women may see these successful guys as less desirable because they’re not a safe choice when it comes to choosing a potential life partner,” says Marshall.

    Hangus cerita novel bila....

    Mar 24, 2012
    Entry aku ni lebih kpd cerita bicara hati ... novel bicara hati..penulis oleh Damya Hanna ... novel pertama aku.. dan novel yg mmulakan diri aku sebagai peminat novel tempatan..

    or ni cover baru ( dibawah )

    bile dgr cerita novel ini nak didramakn... kami sgt excited ! ... tp bile dah didramakn.. x rase pon excited tu... knp perlu ubah jln cerita novel ni..klw drama ni diadaptasi dr novel ni... ubah sikit tu ok lh..ni mcm dh byk plk ubahnye.. novel ni pon aku rase ade peminat-peminat mcm ombak rindu...

    pelakon pon pd aku x sesuai... sila baca dulu sebelum didrama atau difilemkn.. sorry to say =)

    Dinner Perkasa 2011/2012

    Mar 21, 2012
    Dinner yg penuh warna warni dan muzik
    dinner last bg kawan2 tahun 4..
    dinner yg bertemakan topeng..
    puas gak lah pikir nak pakai ape..
    dan nak beli topeng bagai..
    tapi akhirnya dapat jugak pada saat2 akhir..

    Dinner photo booth
    yg di reka khas oleh Pija and de AJK's..

    Gegurl final years Civil Engineering UMP

    Queen and the King on that night !
    merah hitam..nice..i like !

    Santapan mata untuk yg terlibat

    Gegurl yg cun malam tu..hehe..
    mamat ni paling simple malam tu..haha..apa pon boleh lah dammmm

    Me and My romate~~
    Kami memilih tema hitam + putih yawnnn~

    Ramai yang mengimpikan untuk memilikinya

    Mar 17, 2012

    iPhone 4s...
    sape yang xnak?
    tp kalau nak duit kene berkepuk ribu dlu...haha
    tp digi ada plan menarik tuk yg teringin sgt nak pakai iPhone 4s ni..

    so boleh lah korang tgk perbandingan yg ade dr gambar2 ni..
    dengan membeli iPhone atau membeli iPhone 4s dengan pakej Digi ni sekali
    atau ada yang dah guna...
    apa kata share tentang pengalaman anda menggunakan iPhone 4s beserta plan digi
    menguntungkn atau merugikan?

    Habits that Are Good for You

    Mar 14, 2012
    You forget to take your vitamins

    Researchers found that taking a multivitamin every day may make you feel like you have the leeway to blow off other healthy habits-like grabbing dinner at the drive-thru rather than eating right or channel surfing instead of taking a walk, notes Benjamin Caballero, MD, PhD, a professor of pediatrics, nutrition and international health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

    You get angry-and show it!

    "Anger is actually a good emotion that's often misunderstood or irrationally used," says Mary Lamia, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Kentfield, CA. "It motivates you to take action and remedy situations that are wrong."

    You procrastinate by reading those forwarded jokes in your inbox
    It may seem like a waste of time, but taking a break to do something that makes you laugh is worth it. A small study of 30 people from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore found that when people watched a funny movie (There's Something About Mary), the lining of their blood vessels expanded up to 50% more than when they watched a stressful movie (Saving Private Ryan). Here's why a hearty chuckle is so good for you: "Laughter activates blood vessels to release the chemical nitric oxide, which causes them to enlarge and can help reduce blood pressure," says coauthor Michael Miller, MD. Photo by iStock

    World's Coolest Staircases

    Mar 12, 2012
    Porto, Portugal

    Greenwich, England

    Mount Rainier, WA


    Mar 8, 2012
    Sometimes, the best way to stay close to

    someone you love is by being


    Sibuk dengan bussines

    Mar 2, 2012
    Salam... aku agak sibuk sekarang ni dengan semester akhir dan part time aku dgn bussines persendirian aku....so x sempat nak update tuk korang..

    En nuffnang pon mcm segan2 je dah nak bg i ang pau..ngehhh..tp ade lah jugak sikit... tp biar dulu bagi sampai tabung penuh baru boleh cash out..

    Duit tu nanti..cadangnya untuk menambah gajet...haha.. mati i klw mak i tau ni... i dah tertarik sgt dengan samsung Acer and Samsung Wonder tu... tp teringat perjanjian dengan mak.. xkan tukar handphone smpai Grad... masa tukar samsung mini galaxy 5 bulan yg lepas...so sila sabar ye...

    tgh sibuk jugak menguruskan dinner fakulti..
    sibuk lah sgt..huh~~

    dan bila mesin buat duit aku rosak
    memang sibuk bertambah sibuk lah aku..

    oh..ini bukan kad jemputan kawin aku..ngeee...
    ade org tempah...so agak sibuk menguruskan hal ini
    kad jemputan aku ????
    masih jauh lagi..cz si adam x mencari lagi si hawa ini
    dan hawa ni pon mls dah nk mencari...ngeee

    note : esok nak bwk mr nik g nursery...shoot dgn pokok2 kat sne...