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    Apr 10, 2009

    The most mundane items in your home hide fascinating secrets as this compelling series featuring Adam Hart- Davis explains.

    The Secrets Of: Toilets looks at one of the most singular inventions mankind has ever made, helping turn Rome into an empire and enabling mankind to make the voyage into space. From modest holes in the ground to automated contraptions, the toilet has undergone major transformation since its inception. While the Romans saw the first major public toilets advancement around 315 AD, it was not until London’s “Great Stink” that the Western world saw the development of high capacity sewers to handle the city’s waste. Since then, engineers are constantly inventing new ways to make the toilet more efficient, from building apartment buildings with in-house waste processors to developing compost toilets that turn waste into fertilizer.

    From primitive Stone Age razors to modern day razor blade marvels, Secrets Of: Shaving takes viewers behind the scenes of an industry that dates back farther than the great pharaohs of Egypt. A 30,000 year old habit, shaving has become an aesthetic obsession and a multi-billion dollar industry. Companies are even implementing high-tech research techniques using mini-spy cameras and one-way mirrors to study how razors cut and even the styles people use to shave.

    One of the most versatile items in the world, packaging is used to insulate everything from the most trivial objects to highly hazardous materials. Packaging has also served as a catalyst for globalization; without proper ways to package and ship goods, companies would have difficulty distributing their products around the globe. How is it possible to develop packaging able to protect supplies from the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic or withstand the impact of an F-16 fighter jet? Secrets Of: Packaging showcases the development of packaging the innovations that will lead the world through the 21st century.

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