The only broadband that really rocks with FREE unlimited songs download! Yep you heard it right! Broadband by DiGi is offering 1 year FREE unlimited music for all its subscribers, new and existing, with any plan subscription.

Superb ha, not only do you get stable connection but you also get to download songs legally. That means you really get to enjoy All American Rejects’ “I wake up every morning” knowing that the band is getting paid for you listening to their music (thanks to DiGi).

The most affordable package is priced at RM58 monthly with a Likely Average Speed of 700 Kbps Download / 200 Kbps.

RM58 is all you need to pay to avoid cursing and getting high blood pressure all because of lagging connection!

So if you’d like to know more, check out:


You can build your own music list from favourite local and international artist such as Misha Omar, Faizal Tahir, Wang Lee Hom, Eason Chan, Lady GaGa, David Archuleta, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas songs and many many more!


Sign up for Broadband by Digi Internet now and start downloading as much as you want!

I am interested in DiGi’s broadband + FREE unlimited song downloads package. How do I get it?
All you have to do is to drop by at any DiGi outlets and sign up for any DiGi Broadband plan. Do 80 push-ups and once you are done, visit .Click on the button “New User? Start Here!” and log into your OSC account to register by clicking on “Broadband Subscriber”. Everything is just a mouse click away! If you are an existing subscriber, just visit and perform the “New User? Start Here!” step (We were just kidding about the push-ups by the way).

You can start enjoying the free music downloads once you have completed those simple steps. Besides downloading, you can also create your own playlist and also look into other member’s playlists as well. Cool eh?

Be one of the earliest to grab this awesome promotion as it is only valid until 31st March 2010 and the free unlimited music subscription is applicable for the first 12 months of subscription!

Caution: You’ll probably need to double your mp3 player’s capacity after this.


To find out more on the promotion, visit :

nota kaki : byk sgt dah broadband yg ade kat pasaran skrg..smpi x tau nk pilih yg make a good choice k..