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  • Mister Potato contest

    Nov 3, 2009
    memerlukan sesuatu yg ringan?
    tp tidak berat untuk di makan?
    malas memasak?
    malas nk g kedai??

    hai..semua malas..
    kelaparan lah anda..nge~
    dptkan lah ini dipasaran..

    Mister Potato is having the #1 Mister Potato Contest at www.misterpotato.com.my. If you wish to win cash prizes totaling up to RM10,000, we would suggest you keep your eyes open. The #1 Mister Potato Contest consist of 8 stages of games where you take on a role of humble potato peeler in the Mister Potato’s organization. You have stumbled upon a series of secret steps to climb the corporate ladder and set to be the #1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire!

    The first step you’ll have to do is to register for an account. Once you’re done with that, you’re one step closer to win the following prizes;

    • 1st Prize – RM5,000
    • 2nd Prize – RM3,000
    • 3rd Prize – RM2,000

    aku sudah register..

    hehe..duit..sape x nk oi..

    Closing date for submission of blog post is by 11:59pm, 21 November 2009. Invites will be sent out to Nuffnang bloggers by 16 December 2009. All invites will require confirmation of attendance by attendees which will be stipulated in the invite itself. Attendees who fail to confirm their attendance in time will have their invites revoked. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

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