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  • Nak menang Digi i-Phone..Klik sini

    Sep 28, 2010
    The iPhone 4 – it’s the phone that needs no introduction. We’re sure you all already know about the stunning Retina Display, FaceTime technology, 720p HD video-recording abilities, iOS4 and the all-new iMovie for iPhone video editing software, packaged in the distinctive glass and steel form typical of Apple design. It’s THE phone to be seen with, and after an agonizingly long wait, it’s finally here on Malaysian soil. The best part? DiGi is generously giving away one iPhone 4 to a lucky Nuffnanger, so listen up real closely if you want in on this!

    Here’s how the contest works:

    1. This contest will run for 8 days, from 24 September to 1 October 2010.
    2. In order to be in the running to win the iPhone 4, you’ll have to complete 4 tasks which will be revealed here on the Nuffnang blog.
    3. From 24-27 September, one new task will be revealed each day.
    4. You’ll have until 11.59 pm on 1 October (Friday) to complete all 4 blog posts, and submit all four permalinks to us using the forms provided.
    5. There will be separate forms for all four days and they’ll be labeled accordingly; don’t mix your permalinks up!
    6. Only bloggers who complete all 4 blog posts with all requirements fulfilled will be in the running to win the iPhone 4.
    7. The blogger with the most creative blog posts overall wins the iPhone 4 :)
    8. You can check back on this blog post every day to see what the new tasks are.

    Got it? Awesome stuff. Now, on to your task for Day 1 (24 September 2010):

    Nota kaki : Dah terlambat dah wei nak join...hahahah..cuci mata je lah

    2 Mereka yg baik:

    1. aibaks said...:

      haha.. yang best skali tuh nota kaki ko.. da terlambat tapi ko wat gak n3 ni..haha

    1. HaNTwO said...:

      pesal aku xtau pape ye pasal ni??? huhuhu