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  • Nak tau apa yang ada dinuffnang??

    Aug 23, 2010

    Here’s where it pays to be a Angel of the DiGi Evangelist program, because there’s more stuff exclusively for DiGi Angels with Nuffnang! DiGi is giving away 6 limited edition phone socks so you can jazz up that Blackberry phone you just won, and make it truly your own :)

    We all love our gadgets, and most of you probably understand if we talk about the strange bond that we have with our mobile phones in particular. Some of us can’t sleep without their phones on the side of the bed and some of us can’t live without their phones..

    Here’s a chance for you to get yourself a new phone on your side. DiGi is giving away RM 1,000,000 worth of Blackberry Bold 9700 smartphones with their Hari Hari Blackberry Maripromotion, and that’s not the only thing they’re giving away.

    2 Mereka yg baik:

    1. PIDUT ASiS said...:

      nak sebiji bole??hehehe

      Post Terhangat...
      Manusia Durjana

    1. Teletubis said...:

      bak sebiji blackberry..teletubis pon pakai 3310 je..

      Entri Cilanat!!!
      Cilanat!!!Pesal Ko Follow Bontot Aku Ni??