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    Feb 27, 2010

    VISITOR to Melaka will be greeted with the slogan, visit Malacca Historical means Visit Malaysia. The slogan is clearly stated in the gate when entering the country in Ayer Keroh Highway-Jalan Tun Razak.

    Is it true that there throughout Malaysia in Malacca? Generally, many tourism products offered to visitors in terms of public facilities, places of visits, shopping centers, hotels, educational institutions, beaches, islands and so forth.

    Malacca is also characterized 1Malaysia, said a group of participants during a visit to Malacca recently. He asserted that the opinion is based on values that are significant points roughly.

    In terms of unity and acceptance, long malacca history proves the existence of different races receive.

    From the age of Chinese and Indian merchants, to Malacca Sultanate era and the colonial period to the next era before and after independence.

    Now, families Baba Nyonya, Portuguese and living in Chitti peaceful atmosphere in the middle of community groups Malay, Chinese and Indians. Value the diversity that clearly has the power to attraction of domestic and foreign tourists visitors.

    KREATIVITI hiasan beca dan keramahan pengayuh beca di Melaka pasti meninggalkan kenangan istimewa buat pelancong

    City of Malacca in the city like a garden, because the slit-gap system of roads and the regular high and modern buildings, points will dipukau beautiful scenery and landscape garden flowers that ditata neat and clean.

    Malacca was crowned the state developed in October has been recognized by the United Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization United Nations (UNESCO) as World Heritage City.

    A total of 8.9 million tourists visited Malacca in the last year exceeded the target of 7.4 million people, while in 2008 a total of 7.4 million people visited the historic state.

    Malacca is famous for its historical heritage assets period Malacca Malay Sultanate, Portuguese and Dutch which is located around the Lower City.

    There are more than 20 museums including the Museum of Baba and Nyonya Museum Chitti which tells in detail the history of this treasure.

    Visitors can also visit in the Portuguese village of Sawan Sand, Chitti village on Jalan Gajah Berang Kampung Morten and the Malay village in the middle of the city of Malacca.

    Various parks available to other guests visited the zoo, the Taman Mini Malaysia and Asean, Crocodile Park, Taman Rama-Rama, and botanical park Malacca.

    Not forgetting, Kampung Buku Malaysia Melaka, Museum and Gardens Bee Thousand Flowers offers a special experience. All the cumulative locations around Ayer Keroh.

    Other tourism products that should be visited along the river with boats Malacca River Cruise, Taming Sari Tower, Eye On Malaysia, Duck Tour, Water Taxi and Planetarium Complex.

    If some states in Malaysia proud with their coast, Malacca also has a beautiful and clean beaches such as Pantai Puteri Tanjung Bidara and in addition to Pulau Besar.

    Swimming in hot water and Gadek Bemban and waterfalls in the shavings, add more attractions of Malacca. Fans will be able to agropelancongan Alor Gajah and Jasin district to review the product there.

    MUZIUM Samudera di Bandar Hilir paling diingati kerana reka bentuknya adalah berdasarkan replika kapal Flor De La Mar

    Malacca diibaratkan heaven to those who prefer shopping from crafts products until the leading multi-branded goods.

    Visitors can walk from one building to a building to enter the shopping centers such as Fashion City in the Malacca International Trade Center (MITC), Batik House and Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

    Those who love antiques can visit Jonker Walk. Premises selling crafts there are many in the city center and in special areas and the roadside.

    For those who find a place for dining, Malacca is rich with special spicy and sour food such as ikan bakar.

    In fact, if not perfect visit is not going to field in the Malacca Umbai ikan bakar, Kuala Draper, Serkam and Alai.

    Malacca is also proud of the variety of sports facilities available to the public in places such as world-class International Bowling Center Malacca, Melaka International Sirkit Sports cars and golf courses.

    To make Melaka's premier educational center, the state government to provide various educational facilities from primary to high.Educational facilities are also open to international students.

    WARNA merah bangunan Stadhuys ini menjadi antara ikon kegemaran untuk peluang fotografi.

    Among the institutions that have the best reputation is the Technical University of Malaysia Melaka, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Universiti Multimedia, MCET UniKL and Alor Gajah Melaka International Islamic College of Technology.

    Similarly, the Community Colleges, Polytechnics, Kolej Yayasan Melaka, International College of Science and Technology Malacca, Stamford College, International College and College DMDI Risda.

    Malacca excellence that is shared by many tourists, move to offer health tourism facilities that can be acquired in hospitals and private clinics and government of this state.

    Malacca is also emerging in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) equipped with the latest broadband one gigabit per second speed.

    Biotechnology is the field growing as a new revenue generator to Malacca, including the establishment of the Melaka Biotechnology Corporation and the Melaka Biotechnology Institute.

    In an effort to create incentives to attract investors, Malacca also provides industrial areas for investors who want to open a factory in the state.

    If not for recreational tourism, Melaka is also a destination best exhibitions, workshops, seminars and international conventions.

    This is due to the facilities available at MITC, hotels and resorts.Chalet and inap village concept is also provided to visitors to ensure they not only stop, but spend the night in Malacca.

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    1. kenwooi said...:

      malacca is a nice place, miss its satay celup! =D


    1. Azman Md Safiee said...:

      Basic Homestay RM70/night/house(2Room+2Bath) Jasin Melaka. Sila klik http://jasinhomestay.blogspot.com