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    Feb 8, 2010

    • The new Storm 2 9520 with renewed touch screen technology and text insert options is a compact handset with minimal knowledge required about the usage of such handsets.
    • Buy Blackberry Storm2 9520 for its pretty look and button-packed edges, with a number of rubberised buttons that will not fall off like the previous version.
    • The left-hand side of the device holds the microUSB port and a function key that can be re-assigned to provide access to your favourite shortcut.
    • The top of the phone hold two buttons embedded into the phone itself – the power/lock button and the mute key.
    • The 3.5mm headphone jack is now recessed into the phone and is situated on the right-hand side of the phone, just above the rubber-cased volume/up and down keys.
    • The camera shutter button is also located on the right-hand side, although far enough away from the other keys, so that one doesn’t use it accidentally along with the other keys.
    • The buttons on the front of the phone – call, menu, return and terminate –have been embedded into the LCD screen for the new Storm 2, they are now part of the SurePress click screen too.
    • The button layout is well thought through, the screen is built on four piezoelectric sensors, and clicks when you press down on it.
    • This system is similar to the first Storm, which also used a clickable screen (known as SurePress) but where that only had one mechanical sensor, the Storm 2 has four. This means the screen has less travel in it, and is easier to press down. You can also click two parts of the LCD at once, which means faster typing.
    • But when the phone is put into idle mode, the screen gets locked automatically and cannot be clicked down. The call/terminate keys can be pressed though, meaning the screen will light up if you accidentally strike down there. The LED indicator at the top throws different colours for different things likes charging and new messages.
    • The Blackberry Storm2 9520 deals offer a luxurious black box with minimal packaging favoured by HTC and Apple. The phone is centre stage when you open it up, but beneath layers of cardboard live a whole host of goodies like microUSB travel charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones, a pouch and a nice cloth to wipe the screen.
    • The headphones double up as a hands-free kit with call answer button with chrome and silver look.
    nota kaki : kalau dapat ni..best giler..hehe

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